Refresh rates of Quotes using .Net API

Dear Kite Connect Support,

I'm building a windows forms app to automate order placements. For this, I would need accurate Bid/Ask prices through API (using Quotes Received event). Can you please tell me if there would be any delay in receiving quotes through Kite Connect API (I'm currently using Upstox API which has a delay of approx 2 seconds compared to NEST terminal). If yes, how much is the delay in seconds (compared to NEST terminal quotes/Bid/Ask prices). I would migrate to Kite API if this provides quotes without much delay compared to Upstox API. Please let me know.

  • sujith
    Hi @arunpanjala,
    I am not sure if displaying live market data via Kite Ticker is compliant with the regulations, please write to talk(at) with the product description, someone from the compliance will get back to you.
  • arunpanjala
    Thanks Sujith for the response. But that doesn't answer my question. I'm not displaying any quotes anywhere, so the question of compliance doesn't arise. I'm planning to place my orders based on Bid/Ask Prices, for which wanted to know the delay (if any) between the API quotes and the NEST terminal. You might have observed the quotes provided by API right, did you observe any lag?
  • sujith
    Apologies, I thought you were asking about a desktop app.
    No, there is no delay in the Kite Ticker data. We just relay whatever we get from the exchange.
  • arunpanjala
    Super. Thanks a lot Sujith. Time to move on to Kite Api :-)
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