Exit-all API

Hi @sujith ,

The BO explodes into so many order legs. Some algos fire 30+ BOs , each expanding into 10+ orders. So at 3:22 EOD, we end up with 200-500 open order legs. As investment goes up, this count goes up too.

Squaring off so many orders through APIs take many seconds and sometimes the auto-squareoff kicks-in, causing additional charges.

Currently we are working around this problem by manual square-off and/or doing it earlier. Both ways are sub-optimal.

It would be awesome to have a single API that takes in a list of symbols (and/or order IDs) and exits all open positions of that list at once.

Appreciate your consideration.

Ramakrishnan S
  • rakeshr
    Currently, we don't have bulk order placement APIs, majorly due to order rate restrictions.
    For now, to close all BO open legs, you need to either exit limit target or Stoploss order in loop from open orders.
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