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Hi All,

My userid: YT9101

I am facing some issue when modifying co order's first leg price,

Step 1: Placed co buy order TECHM19AUGFUT with order type LIMIT for the price 662.1,

Step 2: Order placed successfully and returned order id: 190806001153061

Step 3: The price move up and the order still open status

Step 4: so I just moved my price up to 663 and placed modify order for the first leg order with below code as below ,
it return success status after the code executed and I can see the notification generated for the update in kite.zerodha webiste, but I couldn't see the open order updated with price 663 , the price remain unchanged at the buy price of 662.10 ,

Dictionary response = kite.ModifyOrder(OrderId: "190806001153061",Exchange: "NFO",TradingSymbol: "TECHM19AUGFUT",TransactionType: "BUY",Quantity: 6000,Price: 663,Product: "MIS",OrderType: "LIMIT",Validity: "DAY",Variety: "co");

Hope all the parameters are correct .
  • Jegan
    Hi @sujith , Please help me on this.
  • HowUTrade

    CO entry order is not allowed for modification by OMS.
    Your are left with 2 options
    1. Use Order Type MARKET
    2. cancel old entry order (sl order will be cancelled automatically) and enter new one (take care of throttle)
  • Jegan
    @HowUTrade , Thank you for your valuable information
  • Jegan
    @sujith , Is it officially confirmed that CO entry order is not allowed for modification ? , because I can modify co entry order via kite manually, but I am facing problem only when I try to modify via API

    Please confirm on this
  • sujith
    You can modify the price of a cover order entry type limit if it is not executed.
    If the price is not changed after the modification request then you may see the reason for not modifying in the status message field of the order response.
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