Inconsistency in reported holding details


We are experiencing issues with a particular holding for a client. Client has few holdings in his/her portfolio but as per the KiteAPI (python client) we are receiving 0 shares. Please let me know, what more info is required.
  • rakeshr
    Is it showing on kite website?
    Also, can you check, if either of these issues?
  • saurabh2708
    Not sure if it's showing on the client's website. We are just fetching the holdings and positions from the API.
  • saurabh2708
    Also, it's not among the issues mentioned above. The strange thing is there are other holdings too that have a finite number of shares and it is coming correct in the API.
  • prabhatpam
    @rakeshr I am using kiteconnect .net sdk. Order, buy ,sell, quote, ltp, cancel is working fine but I am unable to get the Holdings details. Holding are visible and available under console portal. When trying to fetch via code I am getting blank array.
    Account POA is signed and sent to office about 25 days back.
    Share are not short delivered. (I am not sure, but this may not be the case)
    Share in Holdings are SBIN, IDEA, ONGC

    Please guide where to check....
  • rakeshr
    Can you once check your holdings on kite web?
    If not showing there means, your POA doesn't seem to be updated.You can write it here in that case.
  • prabhatpam
    Hi @rakeshr
    Please have a look at attached screenshots.

  • sujith
    The holdings on Kite will not sync with backoffice, if you haven't submitted your POA. Please take a look at this article.
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