Bracket orders with stoploss. And bad stoploss execution?


I placed a bracket order with SL on RELIANCE around 11:20:02 on 20-Aug-2019

Entry Limit Price 1275.95 and Trigger Price 1275.95. Quantity 1. Basically I wanted to sell when the trigger price is reached on a downtrend.

And a Take Profit price at 1274.95 StopLoss at 1277.15

But after the parent order triggered and executed at 1275.95, the child orders had a very different takeprofit and StopLoss prices

StopLoss was too deep at 1,421.85 / 1,421.85 trg. TakeProfit was too high at 1,163.35. These are not the prices I mentioned.

What did I do wrong? I eventually updated the prices on the child orders manually.

Ref. Parent order ID: 190820001134877


Later while I was writing this, my stoploss gets triggered and executed with a tiny loss. See below

Trade ID Time Exch. time Exch. id Product Qty. Avg. price
76302011 11:34:35 11:34:35 1300000003257476 BO 1 1277.45

But nowhere on the charts I see the trigger price or the execution price being reached.

I have heard before "we don't have dark-pools" statement/explanation. It points to the Bhavcopy for the days range, which doesn't have the minute range.
But even if we are sampling ticks and you cannot stream us all those ticks, shouldn't I expect valid Highs and Lows for a candle on a chart?

It should have shown up as the High for that candle or at a nearby one-minute-candle. It doesn't do that for the next 8 minute candles and the highest price for the next 8 candles is 1277.00, below the trigger price of 1277.15 or the execution price 1277.45. And note that is not visible on the NEXT 8 one-minute-candles - as if there is a 8 minute delay on the live trade prices.

So... Is something wrong with the charting data? Or is something wrong with the execution system? Or something wrong with my expectation of data?

  • anupshinde
    And the issue with Question 1 occurred again with a regular bracket order I tried again:

    Entry: SELL [email protected]. Order ID: 190820001805825
    Stop loss trigger: 1285.25
    Take Profit: 1279.25

    But once the entry was executed, the stoploss and takeprofit prices are much deeper/higher than what I input, and had to manually update again
  • hitman1980
    Make sure ur SL and Target r in increments and not in total amount.
    For example if ur entry is 1283 than SL should be 2 and target 4 .. Which will give u 1285 as SL and 1279 as target ..
  • anupshinde
    @hitman1980 Thanks. I guess I was making that mistake. Will note it next time
    I need to execute bank nifty options, bracket order with stop loss and target trigger price based on last one minute close. I already developed the coding with OHLC data. But the issue with that one is, it is taking last close from last day trading data. Thus creating a big range for stoploss and target trigger price. Please help
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