About future quotes

hello team,
i m trying to get quotes for the equity futures but not getting any value
i use
Dictionary quotes = kite.GetQuote(InstrumentId: new string[] { "NSE:TCS20FEBFUT" });
this method but getting null in response.
can you please let me know where i make mistake?
  • sujith
    You need to send the exchange value as NFO and not NSE.
  • deepmangukiya
    deepmangukiya edited February 11
    what Prefix N means ? NFO that only get nifty 50 equity future data or all because i use NFO it is working with tcs but still provide me null values while using with infosys. NFO:INFY20FEBFUT not working with infosys. i cant understand why this is happening ?
  • sujith
    The exchange value for all FNOs is NFO for NSE future and options instruments. This is our convention. You can find the correct value for the exchange in the instruments master dump. For NSE currency it is CDS.
    I need to execute bank nifty options, bracket order with stop loss and target trigger price based on last one minute close. I already developed the coding with OHLC data. But the issue with that one is, it is taking last close from last day trading data. Thus creating a big range for stoploss and target trigger price. Please help
  • rakeshr
    Which close price are you capturing? Quote or Websocket streaming or Historical data?
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