Ticker Symbol Limit extension

Dear Kite Connect,

I would like to increase the ticker subscription limit to 1000 instead of the current limit of 500. Please let me know the process. My ID is PR6951

  • rakeshr
    You can subscribe up to 3000 instruments per WebSocket connection(not just 500 as you said above) and can have upto 3 WebSocket connections per API key. Process remains the as you subscribe for 500 or 3000 instruments.
  • arunpanjala
    Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for the response.
    This is the error which I still get. It says 500 is the limit. Can you tell me how to enable my websocket to 3000?

  • arunpanjala
    Request your help in enabling the ticker count to 3000
  • HowUTrade

    This ticker limit is imposed at application level by KiteNet (our .Net library)
    This is to prevent misuse of RTD/Data by novice users.
    Pls mail us your client id to [email protected], we will increase this to the maximum of 3000

    Pls note Kite API supports 9000 symbols (3000/socket and maximum 3 sockets), but you can only subscribe to the maximum of 3000 symbols in KiteNet as it doesn't support multiple web-socket connections.

    In case if you need 9000 symbols, then you have to run 3 separate instances of KiteNet on three different systems with each system subscribe to 3000 symbols.
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