Finding underlying future and options

Is there a way to find out the futures and options available for a particular stock??
For example how can I find wht all futures contract and options strike price are available for a reliance or any other stock ...
  • sujith
    You get this data on the instrument dump, but you need to write your own filter.
  • hitman1980
    But there is no common id or field available which is same on futures and cash stock ..
    For example. Reliance has different instrument name and ID .. while reliance sep futures has different instrument name or id ..
    There is no common field on the instruments data ..
  • sujith
    The exchange value for futures is NFO and EQ is NSE.
  • tass21_
    Figured out. You can use 'name' column in instrument data for NFO instruments then match them with 'tradingsymbol' column in instrument data for EQ. This doesn't work for Index though
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