wants to know script subscription limit per key

Hello Kite Team,
i just wants to know , is there any limit of subscription in web-socket stream at a single time ??

if yes then please let me know exact figure.
reason behind above question is since last 2 days i am getting rate update in web-socket stream slowly compare to NOW terminal.
actually i have added lots of scripts in my analyst script list.

please update me.
  • rakeshr
    Yeah, we have a soft limit of 3000 instrument_token per WebSocket connection and you can have 3 Websocket connection using single API key.
  • sbdavra
    Thanks for your reply,

    just let me know one thing ,
    can i open new web-socket stream from other IP or PC ??
    i mean to say that is there any restriction IP wise to open 3 web-scoket live stream ??

    please update me.

  • sujith
    No, we don't have any IP based restriction.
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