Instrument dump change

For legacy purposes, we had two entries in the instrument dump for all indices with the segment values NSE-INDICES and INDICES.
We have removed the entries with segment value NSE-INDICES. The change will start reflecting from this Monday.
  • rishiswethan
    rishiswethan edited September 2019
    @sujith Can you please provide an example of what changed, I didn't fully get that. And it'll be helpful if you could do this on a sunday so that we can test it before moving to a live day
  • sujith
    You can refer to this discussion.
    The exchange publishes files on Monday morning.
  • pritee9
    IN NIFTY 50,I'm not getting the OHLC details.Kindly guide how can I get live feeds for NIFTY 50 Index (not NIFTY Futures)

  • rakeshr
    Yeah, you can live feed for NIFTY 50 index(token-256265) using WebSocket.
    We have checked the same at our end, WebSocket is streaming data(LTP, OHLC data) for Nifty 50 on WebSocket.
    Can you let us know, which API calls(quote,etc) you are making above for Nifty 50?
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