Close Price and LTP Of a Candle for a day is never matching NSE india site data

KiteConnect API is giving different value for a close price of a candle and also for LTP of a candle for a day when compare to NSE india data. is there a reason for this.
Example:- today 9/28/2019 when i try to get HCL of a a stock IBREALEST for yesterday using OCHL method, kiteconnect give the data as HIGH 56.25, CLOSE 56.45, LOW 50.85
the same when you compare against NSE india site under Equity Stock Watch LTP shows 50.85.
If you take a day candle in zerodha for IBREALEST the close shows 51. why day candle close price is mis matching OCHL close price.

The scenario holds good across all stock. the close price is never matched between nse india and zerodha. Please advice if i am doing something wrong.
Can we assume LTP of a candle to be close price of a day candle?

  • sujith
    A day candle data contains data from BHAV copy published by the exchange after the settlement process.
    All intraday candles are based on the live market data our system received during the day.
    Kite Ticker shows the last price it received from the live market data.
  • maheshk
    Thanks Sujith. Does Zerodha calculate Pivot Point based on Bhav copy CLOSE price or Close price of last tick.
  • rakeshr
    Go through this thread to know about formulae for calculation of pivot point on kite chart.
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