Issue On Getting the " average_price " of placed regular order;

By using the kite connect PHP v2; placing the regular order on market price around 09:15 AM. After that to get the market price for the particular order; using the $kite->getOrderHistory($OrderID); getting the "average_price" for the order complete status. But, the following issue has returned.

Could Not Found Order Id.

After 09:30; same code / function is working fine. Please guide on this issue.

@sujith @rakeshr

  • sujith
    This could be because of huge spike in the traffic at the opening because of our system placing tens of thousands of AMOs and also fresh orders from the users. You might have to add some delay before fetching the order history at the opening.
  • ZI4453
    did you happen to check your order book (API raw) and confirm and an order was placed in above mentioned time ?
    By your query we are not able to differentiate if you are talking about the same order ID after 9:30 AM.
  • sachinstlko09
    @ZI4453 Order was placed successfully at any time; but failed to get the average_price in between 09:15 to 09:30 from $kite->getOrderHistory($OrderID) from the generated Order Id.
  • sachinstlko09
    @sujith On order placing; I need to get two things:
    1) Placed Order Id
    2) Getting the market price of placed order.

    Is there any alternative to get this? specially in between 09:15 to 09:30.
  • sujith
    Once the system is updated with the new record, you will be able to see records in orderbook and order history.
    Until then you may see error couldn't find the order.
  • sachinstlko09
    @sujith Can you please suggest approx timings after which Order Id and its related information sent properly?
  • sujith
    One can't predict, it depends on the traffic at the opening. Orders are placed via physical lease lines to the exchange. If there is more traffic then there will be more congestion.
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