How to get the Change for the Day

I was just wondering if there is an option to get the difference between 'Day start Price' and current Tick Price for any scrip without subscribing to historical data.

For the time being there is no requirement to subscribe to historical data for me except this tiny 'good to have' requirement.

  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
  • XG9131
    XG9131 edited October 10
    I am afraid, that seems to me as if we are calculating that specific tick's Change percentage. I want to have the change of that scrip since that specific day's 9:15 AM price (the way Zerodha shows the change since opening price). That way I can ignore gapup or gapdown measurement errors.

    Otherwise I see another remote possibility of downloading the all script details data. That seems to have a field last price for all the scrips along with instrument number, lot size etc... but this too is not always having a valid value.
  • sujith
    The instrument dump will not have an updated last price. All the trading platforms display change based on the previous day's close price including Kite.
    If you need to calculate change based on 09:15 price then you need to record that price and calculate change based on that value. BTW, if an instrument is not liquid then you might see the first tick at 09:16 or may be at 09:20.
  • XG9131
    I am fine with the last day closure price as well. But the question is how to get the historical data of 9:15 or 9:16 of that day without the historical data subscription.
  • rakeshr
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    You can get open price of the day(open at 09:08) using OHLC Quote call APIs, look for Open price in the response.
  • XG9131
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    This is precisely what I was looking for.Not sure how did I miss. Thanks a lot for your answer. It helped.

    However I now see the streaming data also has this information. So the "Open" data in streaming data is actually day Open.
  • rakeshr
    Yeah, that's also the open price of the day.
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