Postback url not hit after order update

AGA edited October 2019 in General
Team, I am not receiving any callback on my postback url.
  • rakeshr
    Make sure, that you are using a valid URL and have certification provided by the proper issuing authority.
  • AGA
    @rakeshr its a google app script web service url. So there shd not have any certificate related issue.
  • sujith
    It should ideally work with that if you are accepting post requests. We don't have any issues with that from our end as there are many production apps that are working based on that.
    You can go through documentation once again to check if you are doing it right.
  • AGA
    @sujith I verified the documentation. Don't think I have any wrong configuration.
  • AGA
    @sujith It worked. Just updated postback url again and it worked.
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