Ticker usage for order updates is not giving "complete" status after "update" status

i'm using java ticker to check for order updates.
when i place a order, if any order is partially filled, i get update status with filled quantity. But when the same order is completely filled , i dont receive any order update saying status "Complete" though it shows complete in kite zerodha webapp.

Please tel me how to handle this? or is it a bug ?

  • shashanknanjundeswar
    ok.. i get where the issue is..

    the order in which i'm getting the "order updates" are not correct.
    as i see my log, i can see that order "complete" status comes first and then the order "update" status comes.. here my data is getting overriden by last update received.
    can u make these statuses come in an order like [Placed -> update -> complete] ??

    or this has to be handled by us ??
  • sujith
    Any change in the status of an order or update to an order OMS triggers the event.
    In this case it should have been update and then complete.
    We have raised this query with the OMS team a couple of times but there have been no proposed solution for this.
    I suggest handling this at your end for now.
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