For Web socket programming kiteconnect js

How to install in web hosting - npm install kiteconnect .
Actually we are using PHP programming language. websocket programming not possible with php thats why we want to use kiteconnect js for live data.
But want help - steps of installation and uses of kiteconnect js
  • sandy1990
    Thanks, Rakesh for the reply,
    Now I have another issue
    I install it on the local machine and i am able to fetch records on CMD. but I want it on the browser so that can show on my web portal.
  • sujith
    There are regulatory implications with this.
    And technically a third party website can't show our data because of CORS.
  • sujith
    If you are developing a platform for mass then I would suggest consulting our compliance team by writing to kiteconnect(at)
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