Callback/Postback not working

The API Postback when oder changes is not working.
I have registered a Postback URL with a LetsEncrypt trusted SSL certificate.
My server receive a HEAD request to the callback url when saving the KITE Connect App settings. But I never receive a callback when an order changes with the associated account.

Why not?
  • Prutheus
    Should I respond with something to the HEAD request, e.g. Status 200 or so?
  • sujith
    It is difficult to say what would have gone wrong.
    You can refer to this example.
  • Prutheus
    I have exactly the same code, but my Nginx tells me that I never get a post request to my url.
  • Prutheus
    I now did the same like in example, and also in then grok inspect console, like someone commented at the example, I only get the HEAD request but no POST request so no callback is issued. Is a callback issued when I create an AMO order or should there no callback been issued?
  • Prutheus
    @sujith what should I do now? can you check the logs of kite connect of my app? please help me.
  • rakeshr
    Did AMO order failed with any_error msg while placing?
    You can verify the same once from Kite web order book.
  • Prutheus
    Prutheus edited November 8
    @rakeshr @sujith

    no it didn't. can you check if I need to have a special response to the initial HEAD request to the callback url? and is my ssl certificate wrong? I have some from lets encrypt.
  • Prutheus
    Prutheus edited November 8
    @rakeshr @sujith what must be the correct response to the HEAD request?
  • krishmetra
    I have this simple PHP code for the postback page. Try this and see if it works for you.

    // Checksum verification to be added here.
    $t1 = time();
    $t2 = rand(1,100000);
    $file = $t1."_".$t2.".txt";
    $data = file_get_contents('php://input');

  • Prutheus
    @krishmetra no it does not work, my server (nginx) eben do not receive a Post request. Just the HEAD request when setting the url in the kite console. Do I need a special response to the HEAD so it will work?
  • krishmetra
    You don't need to send any response to the HEAD.
    I think it is your server or url issue. Just try to send some dummy post requests and see how your server / url works.
  • Prutheus
    Prutheus edited November 9

    it works. my server does not get the POST request. not my server application like in python or php, the real server, where an Nginx is listening. then, I tried local with ngrok, and also grok does not receive the POST request, just HEAD requests when setting the url in the console.
  • Prutheus
    @krishmetra can you create a url for me on your server so we can test if the problem is based on my server that it is not receiving the request? I register your url at my kite console and we test then?
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