Margin Requirements via API

Hi team,

Currently we have to rely on '' for checking margins of individual F&O contracts. Is there any plan to introduce this via API, where if the details are passed, it will return the margin required. This will be very helpful.

  • sujith
    I am afraid we can't provide an API for this as of now.
    We may provide it in the future if everything is feasible.
  • sagaranilganu
    sagaranilganu edited December 2019
    Just need to reconfirm with the margin req stuff before codifying.
    Q1] Margin req. strictly for "MIS order type" for Nifty Options buying. Pls. see snapshot.
    Is same calc. to be used for MIS but "WITHOUT STOPLOSS" whilst for BO & CO : SL is compulsory?? Am I right??

    Q2] Any plans for API for the same??
  • abhayla
    Have we thought about opening the API to fetch margin and span for the given stocks and futures?
  • tahseen
    @cheko You can pull futures and stock margin files and calculate margins basis that
  • sujith
    As mentioned by @tahseen, you can get instruments margins data and do the calculations at your end. You can refer to this thread to know more about the endpoints.
  • ntnpawar37
    Is there any way to get options margin via API?. Zerodha has made API available to get margins for FUTURES and EQUITY.
  • rakeshr
    No, we don't APIs for options margin. You go through this thread.
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