Change service from app to historical

mdskfaisal edited January 16 in General
Hello team,
I have bought the kiteconnect app server for 2000 points (2000 inr) , i have used it for 4 days. I want to unsubscribe it and instead use historical data service for remaining 26 days. could you please let me know if that is possible. If i cancel my subscription will it waste all 2000 credit points or i will be left with the remaining one.

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13 Feb 2020
  • mdskfaisal
    I don't need app but i need historical data , any quick answer will be very appreciated.
  • mdskfaisal
    I want to unsubscribe app and instead use remaining credits for historical data
  • rakeshr
    Historical Data is an add-on to the kite connect subscription. You need to subscribe to it post subscribing to kite connect APIs.You won't be able to use historical data without base kite connect subscription.
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