NFO exchange on kite.instruments does not return NIFTY and BANK NIFTY Option data


When I tried using kite.instruments(exchange="NFO") , I see several options and futures coming up in listing, but it doesn't list NIFTY options for example NIFTY JAN 12200 CE. Can you kindly clarify the reason ? I would need this to fetch the instrument ids automatically for historical data.

Request you to kindly help in this regard.

Note: I am selecting General and not python client because I think its the issue with the underlying API and not the python client. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • sujith
    NIFTY JAN 12200 CE is a human readable format that we have come up with. The actual tradingsymbol for this is NIFTY20JAN12200CE
  • Rohith0808
    Hi Sujith, can you tell me where do I find the instrument_token for that so that I use historical data API on it ? The kite.instruments does not return NIFTY20JAN12200CE.
  • rakeshr
    You can download complete NFO instrument token list using get instrument_token for required NFO contract.
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