Zerodha User Account Information Leaked

Dear All,
It seems that mobile numbers of user account is being leaked from Zerodha. I have an account and mobile number with zerodha of which no one could have got otherwise.
Today a call was received on that mobile and the caller said that he is aware of trading happening. The caller was aware of name, mobile and that daily trading was done.

This is a very accurate information and I would request Zerodha to take serious measures to check this
  • rakeshr
    You can take look to this thread.
  • sujith
    We had recently written about this. Check out this blogpost as well.
  • tahseen
    @sujith am not concerned about what these stock tips people say. What was alarming was that they knew the number and corresponding name, to say that they are aware of daily trading done. Means something for sure is leaking out of Zerodha

    This mobile number and the name should not have known by that caller
  • sujith
    The Z-Connect post I posted above has all the details regarding this as well.
    Do check out the How do these tipsters get the contact details? section to know more.
  • sujith
    Even we are annoyed by this. We keep getting calls every day. One or the other person on the team gets it.
    Hence we decided to do something from our end. You can check this out.
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