Heart Beat received in on_tick

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@sujith @Vivek :: Have created a new thread as per your kind suggestion.

1] Does the heart beats (of 1 byte fixed length) received in "ticks" of websocket on_tick callback, have any fixed value? (So that corresponding handler can be written!!!)
2] If there are multiple full mode subscriptions successfully made and there is change in only 1 of the script's "LTP"; what is received in "ticks"? (My understanding :: Only the changed LTP script's full mode dictionary is received!!!)

Note :: Am using python language for code development.

Your insights are most awaited!!

Q] Ok. Referring to above, does the "heartbeat" have any fixed value??
  • sujith
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    In pykiteconnect, on_tick is not called for every heartbeat tick.
    Yes, you will receive the tick of the instrument whose LTP has changed and not all the instruments.

    The heartbeat ticks are of size 1-byte always.

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