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@sujith and @HowUTrade : I am using excel. Today after logging in, i got a new alert from howutrade saying that from 24th Feb the service will be charged. How does it impact us? I am already paying rs 2k per month towards subscription. Need more clarity on this.
  • shrudder
    @HowUTrade just saw subscription. Is it INR 15000 for one year? If that's the case, it's way too expensive.
  • HowUTrade
    It's for 10 years, so it's way too cheap than others :)
  • HowUTrade

    You are paying 2k to zerodha for API subscription (access permission) i.e. that 2k will enable/authorize you to access your trading account programmatically. (normally you are permitted to place orders only from the software's provided by Broker. Example Pi, Kite-Web, Kite-Mobile, with API access you can place orders from your own program)

    To access your trading a/c;
    1.You can build your own program (if proficient in programming)
    2.Use official libraries (if suit your requirement)
    3.Use 3rd Party Software
  • shrudder
    @HowUTrade why don't you charge yearly. You may get more buyers and also leave an option for you to revise rates going forward. I haven't heard any software licensed for 10 years. It is either SAAS or lifetime.
  • HowUTrade
    Yes agree,
    Normally in market we have two kind of plans in these businesses.
    1. Charging 10-25k per year and
    2. Charging 2-5k per month.
    so we decided to offer something in between, that will benefit users as well as us, so we came up with 10 Year plan.

    It's a kind of LTS, guaranteed future updates for 10 years.
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