Maximum allowed order request limit exceeded

Opened kitexl today it may have fired some unintended orders but don't know what happened with them as orderbook is empty..
This was the error whole day{19feb) from 9.30am and could not close positions today even after calling thrice to zerodha support and they saying the problem is solved ... actually they couldn't solve the problem the whole day, fortunately my position were overnight FnO, so didn't incure any losses....but why the blocked me for whole day is unclear as there was not a single order in orderbook, neither executed nor experience comes as shock to me as this kind of situation and support team not able to help can cause really very big losses.
So called RMS team is the one who blocks user from placing orders without taking into losses one may make because of what kind of risk management they are doing....they managing only risk to their system and giving you margin calls or margin penalties when exceeded...and don't really care about clients losses...
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  • HowUTrade

    Check your app logs for 'Order Request' error.
    We guess you might have sent too many requests.

    Kite server will block users who abuse their system and this is very essential otherwise other genuine users will also affected.

    Your system should never send unintended orders.

    If your trading system is in development stage then you should log order request instead of placing real orders, this will help you check multiple order firing and other issues in your code.

    Only those order requests that reach OMS will have order id and present in order book.
    Your request is sent to OMS through Kite Server, kite server will validate order requests and sends only genuine orders to OMS, that's why Zerodha OMS stable than any other.

    You can get exact reason for your block from @sujith
  • madhukar
    I have been not able develope any stable excel strategy that is also profit making....any suggestions or should I give up on kite connect API. Thank u
  • sujith
    You might have reached the daily limit.

    If there is an error thrown from our RMS while placing the order then the order will not show up in the orderbook but your number of the order place requests would be still considered.
  • HowUTrade
    You have to ask that question to yourself.
    Without a successful trading strategy, technology alone won’t help you in any manner.

    If you are not comfortable with something then take a break!
  • madhukar
    madhukar edited February 2020
    :) :)
  • tahseen
    @sujith Just a continuation to this question. If I place a 2000 shares bracket order of ACC, does it count as 1 trade or you count multiple legs as trades ?
  • sujith
    It is considered as 1 since you sent only one request to place an order.
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