Historical data availability

What are the dates from which historical data is available?
From running a query on NIFTY 50, I find that
  • Daily data is available from 2006-01-02
  • One minute data is available from 2015-01-09
Is this the correct data availability or is there any more historical data that could be retrieved?
Also, can I retrieve historical data for a symbol that is currently not trading (assuming I know the instrument token)
  • sujith
    Hi @Ram,
    Yes, we have day candle data from 2006 for NIFTY 50. Intraday candles are available from 2015.
    We don't have more data. We serve whatever data we have on the data server.

    I think for some NSE stocks, day candle data is available prior to this also. You will have to do trial and error to figure out. The availability of data is not fixed on a particular day. It was populated from some other source long back. So whatever was available we had populated.
  • Ram
    Thank you very much.
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