C# data stream sample code does not work - WebSocket live streaming data

Hello @kiteconnect @HowUTrade

the following sample code given by kiteconnect team does not seems working the data is getting streamed instead it shows a msg - ticker connected, please have this corrected.
To get live price use KiteTicker websocket connection.
It is recommended to use only one websocket connection at any point of time and make sure you stop connection,
once user goes out of app.

// Create a new Ticker instance
Ticker ticker = new Ticker(MyAPIKey, MyAccessToken);

// Add handlers to events
ticker.OnTick += onTick;
ticker.OnOrderUpdate += OnOrderUpdate;
ticker.OnReconnect += onReconnect;
ticker.OnNoReconnect += oNoReconnect;
ticker.OnError += onError;
ticker.OnClose += onClose;
ticker.OnConnect += onConnect;

// Engage reconnection mechanism and connect to ticker
ticker.EnableReconnect(Interval: 5,Retries: 50);

// Subscribing to NIFTY50 and setting mode to LTP
ticker.Subscribe(Tokens: new UInt32[] { 256265 });
ticker.SetMode(Tokens: new UInt32[] { 256265 }, Mode: Constants.MODE_LTP);

// Example onTick handler
private static void onTick(Tick TickData)
Console.WriteLine("LTP: " + TickData.LastPrice);

private static void OnOrderUpdate(Order OrderData)
Console.WriteLine("OrderUpdate " + Utils.JsonSerialize(OrderData));

// Disconnect ticker before closing the application

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