Dear @HowUTrade team,
I am facing issue while sending CO-Cover order with Limit price. it gets cancelled automatically. However if I send market order then it executed normally.
I am following below syntax. request your help in it.
My syntax-
PlaceCO("NFO","BANKNIFTY20APRFUT","BUY","1","19550","LIMIT","19610", CTag)
I am following correct sysntax as below but still error persist-
PlaceCO(Exch, TrdSym, Trans, Qty, stoploss_Price, OrdType, LmtPrice, CTag)
  • shashi
    Dear @HowUTrade team,

    still waiting for your reply on below query.
  • HowUTrade
    Only Zerodha can explain why the order is cancelled. When this happens next time, pls contact @sujith with order number.

    We guess below reasons;
    1. TrgPrice(SL) >= LmtPrice(ENTRY) for BUY and vice versa for SELL
    2. TrgPrice(SL) >= LTP for BUY at order time
  • sujith
    sujith edited May 2020
    Is it an input exception or canceled or rejected? You need to give a proper error message to help you out.
  • shashi
    @sujith It gives Cancelled message.
    @HowUTrade Sl is kept 2% below limit price in case of buy. Thanks
  • shashi
    @sujith how long should one expect to get reply? Query is from 26th Apr and still i am giving reminders. this is very poor response from Zerodha.
  • sujith
    You need to give us complete stacktrace with request and response, how can someone help you with partial data.

    The library is by @HowUTrade team, they will help you out but for that, you need to provide enough information.
  • HowUTrade

    If the Order is CANCELLED by OMS, then the order information should have cancelled reason.
    Pls check your order book/history for the cancelled message.

    The following are most common reasons;
    1. The Price is out of the current execution range
    2. Strike price is outside the allowed range. Check the margin calculator for allowed strikes; or try a strike closer to the spot price.
    3. First leg of the cover order failed; hence the stoploss order was cancelled automatically.
    4. limit price and trigger price cannot be same

    As replied earlier, you should provide complete order information (orderid etc), it impossible to help without order details.
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