Stop loss order id not getting received


Can anyone tell me why my I am not getting stop loss order id multiple times ? It is received some times but not always which is causing issue in my strategy implementation. Following is my .NET code. Are all the parameters given below are correct ? I am sending CO order with stop loss and trying to fetch Stop Loss order Id with below code.

List orders = kiteConnect.GetOrders();
strChildOrderId = orders.Where(p => p.Tradingsymbol == symbol
&& p.OrderType == "SL-M"
&& p.ParentOrderId == strParentOrderId
&& p.Status == "TRIGGER PENDING"
&& p.PendingQuantity == tradeQuantity).FirstOrDefault().OrderId;

@sujith, @rakeshr
  • sujith
    You just need to use the parent order id field and nothing else.
    If a trigger is hit order type will change to limit or market for SL and SL-M orders.
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