Exception- Maximum allowed order requests exceeded-why ?

i am getting exception "Maximum allowed order requests exceeded", why its happening, what is the limit of order that can be requested from kite, i just posted 600+ order.
  • VenkataLenin
    Hi Vicky I have a small query. you said that you just posted 600+ orders. All those are executed orders or cancelled orders also included in that count.
  • sujith
    You can check out FAQs to know the rate limits.

    The count is based on the number of write requests an account sends in a day. It includes all the order placement and modification. Some orders may not show up in orderbook if it is rejected at our RMS. You will get an Input Exception while placing the order, if order is rejected at our RMS.
  • VenkataLenin
    @sujith Thanks for the clarification.
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