Not able to import WebSocket from kiteconnect

I want to use websocket with Python. I tried given example code. It's showing error, image attached for same. I have installed kiteconnect as shown in documentation.
It's working fine with code from kiteconnect import KiteTicker
Throwing error with from kiteconnect import WebSocket
Please guide me if there is need to install extra modules or tools.

  • sujith
    Are you sure you have all the dependent libraries installed?
  • nitixa14
    I have installed kiteconnect using command pip install --upgrade kiteconnect
    And pip install -U pip setuptools
    Can you list the libraries that i need to install?
  • rakeshr
    May be you can go through build setup and look for required dependent libraries.
  • nitixa14
    I am not exactly getting what to do with this file?

  • sujith
    You can look at the dependent libraries and install those packages.
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