How to get access_token to connect to WebSocket in node.js

I want to connect to WebSocket in node.js,
And to connect, we need to pass access_token as shown this documentation, but i am not able to find any source how to get access_token.
Can anyone help me please.
  • sujith
    You can check out here to know more about the login process.
  • shubhamosy
    @sujith Whats the Limit For webSockets Connection form 1 apiKey
    and is it 3000 instrument for 1 webSocket connection or On Total 3000 instrument we can stream?

    Like I need to Track 3600 stock data how can i achieve it?
    i need to make 2 separate webSocket connection?
    1 with 3000 instrument and 2nd with 600??

    Whats the Max Limit of Separate connection For webSocket, and if i make multiple connection with different instrument token will my tick speed will be throttled from your side?
  • rakeshr
    rakeshr edited May 2020
    You can subscribe up to 3000 instruments in a single WebSocket connection, and for one user you can have 3 WebSocket connection, so you can stream a maximum of 9000 shares for one user. because all WebSockets will be independent of each other, there will be no cross-connection.
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