Get User holding and Positions with Publisher/API


I have credit subscription of 2K/Month , which has publisher too. I have embeded button in my blog for user to buy.

1. But can i get user holding and position if he logs in to zerodha portal? . I mean user should see that in his profile in my website.

2. Are we allowing other users to login through this API or Publisher and get his holding details to show for him in our website?.
Because i saw this in Publisher Document.

3. Can any user push order to your API , through my API key and credit here? or need some approval. I want to make my blog as trading portal with zerodha for their ease.

Let me know
  • sujith
    One needs Kite Connect to fetch holdings and positions data. You can fetch data using the Kite Publisher.
    You can write to kiteconnect(at) regarding approval related queries.
  • Anuraag
    Anuraag edited November 2022
    continuing on similar query .. does one need to get exchange approvals, fees etc. for Kite connect & do full integration for just reading client positions data once the client approves of the same ? or can be done via kite publisher and just needs some approval at Zerodha's end ?

    in the article -->
    it also mentions -->
    "Also, while logging in if a client authorizes, your website will be able to pull all portfolio details of his account (this is a part of the advanced Kite Connect APIs). So now, your website can import data and build a very cool portfolio tracking report with just a single click."
    so how to enable the same via publisher ?
  • rakeshr
    For compliance queries, you can write to [email protected].
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