Getting Error "Invalid API credentials" while querying for historical data

Unable to get historical data from my kite connect account error shown
Invalid API credentials
please help
  • sujith
    Historical data api is not a part of base package, it's an add-on. Do you have historical data subscription?
  • SubhadeepDas
    Dear Sujith
    Thanks for replying, I have't subscribed to the package as I could not find anything regarding historical add-ins on create application page in the developer portal,
    I only require current day interday data, websocket api only provides current tick without any timestamp,
    is there any api to get just minute wise interday data without using historical api
  • sujith
    Hi @SubhadeepDas,
    I am afraid there is no other api. You can get it only using historical data.
  • sujith
    Hi @SubhadeepDas,
    It is mentioned in pricing section. checkout
  • fury1984
    @sujith So I have to pay 4000 even if I just want to have access to Candles API? This was not the case when you first started, is not it? I have purchased an APP today (which mentioned 'Full fledged trading API') and I am only seeing ADDON option while editing the newly created APP data.

    I am actually not ready to place/modify orders etc... I only needed historical API access. I have purchased the APP assuming historical will be included in 'Full fledged trading API'). What should I do now?
  • fury1984
    fury1984 edited November 2016
    @sujith @Kailash @vivek I missed adding you folks to the message. Can you please care to comment to my above query? Also what will I get back if I cancel my subscription today (I purchased the APP today too)?
  • Matti
    @fury1984 Since the Candles API has no execution functionality, we don't provide access to it as a standalone API. The Kite Connect APIs are intended to be an execution suite and not a data vending service, so providing access to the Candles API without Connect doesn't make sense.
  • Matti
    @fury1984 Also, with regard to your query regarding app cancellation, unfortunately, once an app is created, 2000 credits are immediately consumed and you may run the app for a month. Cancellation would lead to a loss of the consumed credits.
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