Option chain live data refreshing in 5 to 10 second

Do you provide an api to consume NSE live option chain data for all equity derivatives.
I am planning to design my platform , please give me all the details with pricing
  • rakeshr
    No, we don't have direct endpoint/APIs for the option chain. Maybe, you can create the same at your end, using Websocket streaming/Quote APIs. Detailed flow, explained in this thread.
  • T00051
    Dears I want to thank whoever behind the idea and execution of selecting multiple instruments, in the market watch search filter, at a single time, and keep floating the search filter until close is an amazing feature.
  • Rakesh508
    Thanks @rakeshr for quick response , I gone through the thread you mention ,
    can you please elaborate more on ..
    1. Fetch complete instrument dump -> what is api for this
    #Filter required exchange,segment and tradingsymbol of the required instrument
    #This should give all trading contracts for the required instrument,
    #store those contracts in list or dictionary to later fetch oi and
    #other value from Quote call/Websocket Streaming.

    question : How to get LTP strike price wise , Can you please explain in more details about the option chain data ?

  • mpatil
    Could you please help me out how to place order for Options. I am new to Kite Connect
    I am getting an error saying Instrument is invalid

    kite.place_order(tradingsymbol='NIFTY20JUN10200PE', variety=kite.VARIETY_REGULAR, exchange=kite.EXCHANGE_NSE, transaction_type="BUY", quantity=1, order_type=kite.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET, product=kite.PRODUCT_MIS)
  • sujith
    The exchange value has to be NFO for NSE F&O instruments.

    Please create a new thread for new queries, it might help others who are looking for the same.
  • ganeshtupakula
    how can we display the option data using zerodha api
  • sujith
    One can't display our data on a third party website. You can contact any exchange registered data vendor.
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