please explain how to place gtt

sanket_one edited June 2020 in Python client
trying to place gtt.
kite.place_gtt(trigger_type=kite.GTT_TYPE_OCO, tradingsymbol="NCC", exchange=kite.EXCHANGE_NSE, trigger_values=[50,150], last_price=100,
orders={"transaction_type":kite.TRANSACTION_TYPE_SELL, 'quantity':1})
error says 'quantity' missing.
can anyone give simple example
  • rakeshr
    You need to send two orders for OCO. Check the sample orders here. Also, few order fields are missing, you can check the complete order fields here.
  • AyushSharma
    On the given doc there are no fields and no example in python doc for how to place order. Like what values does trigger_type takes in python where can I find that, what values does exchange can take. Could u please share the doc where things like these are mentioned. Cause in python api doc there are commands and what it accepts but what values the attributes can have are not mentioned and kite.someting what this something can be is also not available.
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 27
    For API related stuff you can read the official Kite Connect API docs here.
    For pykiteconnect syntax you can check out the client library documentation.
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