How to Squareoff Open Position

rrjain edited July 2020 in Python client

With the help of this code I'm able to cancel all open orders...

How to squareoff open intraday postions executed with 'MIS' order..

  • sujith
    You can check out the positions section of FAQs here.
  • rrjain
    rrjain edited July 2020

    Thanks was able to square off, however I see that i have manually bought intra position in BSE, but I squared off in NSE... Is this OK... Is there any penalty from exchange if i keep this as it is..

    14:43:18 BUY HDFC NSE MIS 1 / 1 1,849.35 COMPLETE
    14:42:44 SELL HDFC BSE MIS 1 / 1 1,848.55 COMPLETE

    Ritesh Jain
  • sujith
    No issues. You can refer to this article.
  • rrjain
    Thanks @sujith for your guidance, my problem is resolved...

    You can please close this thread.
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