Caching limit for getInstruments

Calling getInstruments() or instruments web API too frequently is a waste of resources at both the ends.

If I had to cache the response of it, for how long will it be considered as safe to be cached?
  • tfKamran
    Assuming that I am only interested in instruments that are there since forever and remain listed forever.
  • vijoeyz
    I retrieve instruments only during weekends. I did not encounter any problems so far, although I currently trade only in equities. But for F&O, you might want to consider expiry date to determine if a new retrieval is required.
  • tfKamran
    Thanks. Even my use-case is just with equity.
  • sujith
    It is updated every day. Sometimes when instruments are moved to T2T segment the tradingsymbol and instrument tokens change or when instruments are under ban then it won't be available for trading.
  • vijoeyz
    So, @sujith, what is the best time to download instruments? Before market hours or after hours of the day?
  • tfKamran
    @sujith Thanks. I include daily cache invalidation in my code then.

    I guess before the market hours would be the safest then?
  • rakeshr
    @vijoeyz @tfKamran
    Instrument master file is updated on the trading day's around 8 AM. Anytime post this should be fine.
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