Not able to get authentication token

While trying to get authentication token, I am getting following error:

{"status":"error","message":"Invalid `api_key`","data":null,"error_type":"InputException"}

Following is the URL I am connecting:

Could you please suggest what is the issue?


  • sujith
    This seems like an invalid api_key. Can you private message your developer console id?
    We will check and get back to you.

    PS: Don't post app or client-specific details on a public thread. You can use private message feature if you have to disclose the same.
    YASHKUMAR edited September 2020
    been facing same issue , despite many attempts , not able to receive token to get trade on tradtron app
  • rakeshr
    We are not sure about tradtron app, maybe you can contact them. For kite connect login flow, you can refer to this documentation.
  • amar1313
    The issue is resolved for me.
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