How to getCommordity market Price using API

Hi i am developing one app for display live rate of commodity market stock like GOLD,COPPER ,SILVER etc i am trying to get this price using


can you explain how can i get the price of GOLD,COPPER ,SILVER using this API or any other available api
  • rakeshr
    Hi i am developing one app for display live rate of commodity market stock
    Is this an open public App?
    If yes, then all users have to access through kite account.
    As public display of data outside of a broker's ecosystem is not permitted by the exchanges.
  • pdzala
    hi it is not with multiple user or it's for one user and i already purchased your api access for my one user i want to display just commodity stock and i can not find the symbol and don't know how to call the API for it can you give me an example of api to get the commodity market data
  • sujith
    You can get all the details for an instrument from the instruments master dump as mentioned here.
  • pdzala
    hi i already checked it but can not get the GOLD price using API :

    but can not get response
  • nikhilR
    nikhilR edited September 2020
    Hi @pdzala ,

    MCX trades futures and options on the underlying commodities. Thus the kiteconnect API only provides quotes for futures and options of those underlying commodities. Is this what you are looking for?

    If so, then you can download the instruments master from here:

    Look for MCX contracts like GOLD20OCTFUT, COPPER20SEPFUT, etc.

    If you are looking for the commodity prices (spot prices) for GOLD, COPPER, etc., kiteconnect doesn't provide these. You can fetch those from here:
    The file refreshes periodically, so you will have to poll and update the values every once in a while.
  • Varshatiwari
    You might look into data providers or financial technology businesses that offer APIs exclusively for commodities market data if you want to get commodity market prices using an API. These APIs enable traders and developers to programmatically access current or past commodities market prices. Developers can use market data APIs, including commodity prices, provided by financial technology businesses like Kotak Securities to include into their own trading futures and options app or website. In order to understand how to access and use commodities market prices through their APIs, it's critical to choose trustworthy data sources and carefully examine their pricing and API documentation.
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