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Hi Team ,

Please let me know why I am getting margin as 0 after calling Python margin api. ALso what does enabled key mean(which is false) - I have cash margin in my account. Below is a print of the margin dictionary :

{'enabled': False, 'net': 0, 'available': {'adhoc_margin': 0, 'cash': 0, 'opening_balance': 0, 'live_balance': 0, 'collateral': 0, 'intraday_payin': 0}, 'utilised': {'debits': 0, 'exposure': 0, 'm2m_realised': 0, 'm2m_unrealised': 0, 'option_premium': 0, 'payout': 0, 'span': 0, 'holding_sales': 0, 'turnover': 0, 'liquid_collateral': 0, 'stock_collateral': 0, 'delivery': 0}}

-- ----- call ----


  • rakeshr
    ALso what does enabled key mean(which is false)
    Is your trading segment enabled?
    Can have look at this article.
  • debon1410
    Yes - I can trade in EQ, FNO and Currency segments ...
  • debon1410
    Any Update on this ? What am I missing here? I want to get available cash margin - How to achieve that ? Am I calling the wrong API?
  • sujith
    Is this for the equity segment or commodity segment?
  • debon1410
    I am not passing any segment1 - as my expectation is to get margin for both segments - API reference says -
    def margins( self, segment=None)
    Get account balance and cash margin details for a particular segment.

    segment is the trading segment (eg: equity or commodity)

    hence - I am using -

  • sujith
    If you are not passing segment then it is fetching margins for both the segments. You need to iterate to the respective segment and then check the data.

    You may also refer to this thread to know more about the field explanation.
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