Historical data

if i need 21 5mins candles data at 9:20 AM, then do i need to subscribe historical data...or just api subscription is enough??
  • rakeshr
    if I need 21 5mins candles data at 9:20 AM
    Equity Market opens at 09:15AM, so at 09:20AM there will be only one 5 minute candle for the day.
    By 21 5mins candle data, do you mean the previous trading day candle as well?
    If yes, then for historical candle data you need to subscribe to Historical Data APIs.
  • XS8910
    I need only 21 candles previous day 5 mins timeframe...even for thsi also i have to pay whole month subscription cost??
  • sujith
    You may also make candles at your end and use it the next day.
    For live market strategies, we recommend generating candles at your end. You can know more about it here.
  • XS8910
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