Getting quotes with javascript client using customer's zerodha access token

@rakeshr So I'm trying to access quotes data on our react website with user's zerodha access_token (using javascript client). In this context I should be able to fetch the data for display right? I'm running into CORS issue.
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  • sujith
    I am afraid, you can't do that. A third party website can't show Kite Connect data. You may contact an exchange registered data vendor.
  • Sum
    @sujith Got it, also received a similar clarification from kite support on email. My confusion now is, if I build a whole app just for personal use (still third party for zerodha and exchange), how do I use zerodha's quotes API for just my use within this app. From what I understand, zerodha API service is open for personal use for a zerodha user but I'm having trouble imagining how to actually use it.
  • sujith
    The library is meant to be used in backend NodeJS application.
  • Sum
    Ok cool, that helps! Thanks a lot
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