Need Input on Coding Logic - Which approach is better ?


I had my code prepaid from a developer in python. I have a basic knowledge of coding. I am confused between 2 approaches to placing orders in the system. I am retrieving the data via Websockets of all FNO stocks.

Code Logic - Once a particular 5 min candle low/high breaks, order needs to be placed in the system

Current Approach.

- Waiting for low of the candle to be broken and then place a limit order in the system, based on bid ask spread

limit_price = fix_values(ltp + min(2*new_order['Bidask_spread'],.0025*ltp),new_order['tick_size'])

def fix_values(value,tick_size_stock):
return round(int(value / tick_size_stock) *tick_size_stock,len(str(tick_size_stock)))


- Many orders are getting skipped, and are not getting executed.


- For sell trades, Once the 5 min candle is formed, place a sell SL order in the system before the low is broken.

Now the person who has written the code says that the solution won't make much difference as both Limit & SL orders execution time will be the same. I want the experts on the forum to confirm, whether the 2nd approach of placing the sell sl order already in the system would be beneficial or not.
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