POST Back URL notification listener sample in Java webserver


I registered the postback URL for the test API. But i am not getting the notifications about the order status change. So could you please share the Java Sample to listen the Order Status events.
  • sujith
    sujith edited November 2016
    Postbacks are sent by you just read body, get payload and decode it. Check documentation
    I read the document and i know this we need to read the json payload. but i am not able to receive events.
    So please check for events posted from Kite connect for today session(29-11-2016).

    My API key is uvwnfhayj3wfutue

    So confirm that you have any status log to check events are successfully posted from kite connect to my application.
  • Vivek
    @TRADERAYS We have log of 12 postbacks we sent to the registered postback url today (2016-11-30) and all the postback returned status 204.
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