onTicks and websocket

I have subscribed to one token in quoteMode. I can see that onTicks is being called, however most of the ticks are the same as the previous ones and a few are different.
I have two questions here.
1. Is there any documentation on when these tick events will be raised? I want to make sure that I can accurately filter out the duplicates.
2. Is there any out of the box api that can be used to get candles for different time periods ( like 1 minutes, 3 minute, 5 minutes ).

  • sujith
    A user can expect a tick when there is a change in at least one field that the user is subscribed to like be it open, high, low, close, total buy quantity, total sell quantity, or any of the quote mode fields.
    You can check out FAQs to know more about the tick frequency related queries.
    You can use historical data API to fetch candle data. It is recommended to use it only for backtesting purposes and not for live strategies.
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