Websocket vs Quote API

Could anyone suggest me which one to use between websocket and quote api for 5 min data retrieval of index and do some calculations like placing order e.t.c and continue the loop.
Also let me know how many sessions can we run simultaneously on one Kite App key pair credentials

Thank you
  • sujith
    If you need data for every 5 minutes then I would suggest using quote API.
    One can have only one active session at any point in time for a Kite Connect app.
  • Akhil_Saketh
    Thanks you @sujith for your information. It would be helpful if you respond for few more doubts which were mentioned below.

    1.)If we cannot run more than 1 session of kite app then can we do calculations or place order
    in a single session based on analyzing date of ticks streaming through web socket connection and then converting into candles?
    2.)Can we use kite webapp/mobile app to view/modify orders while algo is running and data is streaming through websocket at the same time?

  • sujith
    Though only one session is allowed for an app, you can run multiple programs with the same access token.
    You can listen to ticks, do calculations, and place orders.

    I would suggest going through this thread. Make sure to read comments as well.
  • Akhil_Saketh
    Thank you @sujith for giving me useful information.
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