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I am using this code in, to place a order:
Rsp = KT.PlaceOrder(Constants.EXCHANGE_NFO, TradedInstrument, Constants.TRANSACTION_TYPE_SELL, QTY, Nothing, Constants.PRODUCT_NRML, Constants.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET)

and this to display the order status in a datagrid:
DGV2.DataSource = Rsp.ToList

In the data grid I see 2 returned values "Key" and "Value".
In these I get "Status", "success" and
"data", "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]".

How do I get the actual returned message from the placeorder() function, something like "insufficient funds"?
Any help is appriciated.


  • sujith
    A success for order place API means the order is placed successfully, it doesn't mean the order is executed.
    Once you get a success response you need to fetch orderbook and check the status and status message of that order.
  • pingmanoj
    Thanks Sujith.

    I'll try and search how to fetch the order book. Can you give a quick line where I can check a quick code for this.


  • sujith
    You can refer to the C# examples here.
    If you don't follow, you may use some tool online to convert that to VB code.
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