Can we use same api subscription for another one ?

I am already subscribed to kite api for an app and successful using it.
Can I use the same subscription and create a new app for new strategies?

Or do I have to subscribe again with 2k for my new algorithm.

Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    You can use the app for any number of strategies but you need to make sure that you are not hitting the Kite Connect API rate limits that are mentioned here.
  • Tylerdurdun
    Thanks Sujith.
  • Mandir
    I have an algo running successfully. If i want do another auto login using kiteconnect (for another strategy), need to generate fresh access token . Doing that will kill the running algo. So I need to use already generated access token . How can I use?
  • sujith
    A Kite Connect app can only have one active session, you need to figure out a way to pass access token between your strategies. If you try to create a new session on the second machine then you may end up killing the session of the first one.
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