Get Exchange/Kite server Current Time

Hi I want to execute a piece of code after exactly 5 seconds for my order is placed. For this reason I want to find the the difference between exchange or kite server time and order timestamp .
I am able to retrieve the order timestamp, but I don't know how can I fetch the current server time.
Can you please help me. I am using .Net API
  • rakeshr
    but I don't know how can I fetch the current server time
    You mean local time? You can look at this answer.
  • imzombie13
    @rakeshr This requires Zerodha IP. As I am using API, there should be functionality which will provide me current zerodha server time. Using which I can compare the timestamps.

    So my question is, How can we retrieve zerodha local time using API ?
  • rakeshr
    You can use Exchange Timestamp field for Websocket streaming.
  • sujith
    Why don't you run a timer task?
    Isn't it too much work just to execute something after 5 seconds of the order placed?
  • imzombie13
    @sujith yes, but this time value can vary over a time and I don't want my thread to be busy, Hence I required a server time from zerodha. Do you have any such functionality in .net API ?
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