Postback URL wrong updates

Postback URL updates are wrong for trigger price.

Givign you example ,

my new order created . trigger_price = 60

I have modified order trigger_price = 55
------------------------------------------------ postback url log shows trigger_price = 60

I have modified order trigger_price = 54
------------------------------------------------ postback url log shows trigger_price = 55

I have modified order trigger_price = 53
------------------------------------------------ postback url log shows trigger_price = 54

So I think when log received status is modify pending , and previous price received.

  • rakeshr
    Postback URL updates are wrong for trigger price.
    It's not wrong but the last updated price. That's what we receive from OMS.
    To fetch the current pending trigger/limit price, you need to fetch the required pending order from the orderbook and check it's the price. If for any reason price update is failed, reason will be updated under the status field.
  • jinalpatelcsoft
    I have fetched kite orders in postback url ,same time I got update from postback url , below is log
    DF orders = placed_by order_id exchange_order_id parent_order_id status status_message status_message_raw order_timestamp exchange_update_timestamp exchange_timestamp variety exchange tradingsymbol instrument_token order_type transaction_type validity product quantity disclosed_quantity price trigger_price average_price filled_quantity pending_quantity cancelled_quantity market_protection meta tag tags guid
    9 RV2678 201210201270484 1000000006791722 None TRIGGER PENDING None None 2020-12-10 10:53:51 2020-12-10 10:53:51 2020-12-10 10:53:51 regular NSE BANKBARODA 1195009 SL-M BUY DAY MIS 156 0 0 64.3 0.0 0 156 0 0
    ===========================Postback Update==================================
    Attempt: UPDATE
    {"placed_by":"RV2678","order_id":"201210201270484","exchange_order_id":"1000000006791722","parent_order_id":"","status":"UPDATE","status_message":"","status_message_raw":"","order_timestamp":"2020-12-10 10:53:51","exchange_update_timestamp":"2020-12-10 10:53:51","exchange_timestamp":"2020-12-10 10:53:51","variety":"regular","exchange":"NSE","tradingsymbol":"BANKBARODA","instrument_token":1195009,"order_type":"SL-M","transaction_type":"BUY","validity":"DAY","product":"MIS","quantity":133,"disclosed_quantity":0,"price":0,"trigger_price":75.05,"average_price":0,"filled_quantity":0,"pending_quantity":133,"cancelled_quantity":0,"market_protection":0,"meta":{},"tag":"aut-CLEINTB","tags":["aut-CLEINTB"],"guid":"5179Xfxbwer2et93k","user_id":"RV2678","unfilled_quantity":0,"app_id":5179,"checksum":"aa6a77c215379c8d6c7fbaa6b1afc420850788b4fa20327aa9827be200de3549"}-------------------Fields string End ----------------/n

  • sujith
    Are you saying orderbook is not updated?
  • jinalpatelcsoft
    no , orderbook is correct , postback url field trigger_price is previous value
  • sujith
    The postback is sent by the OMS team, we will ask them to look into this. In the meanwhile, we suggest you use postback as the trigger to fetch orderbook and check if the value is updated.
  • jinalpatelcsoft
    yes , That I have done as temporary solution , thank , please update if anything updated from OMS
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